Group Head: Prof. Eugen Rabkin

After receiving his doctorate in the group of Prof. Shvindlerman at the Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Rabkin worked in the group of Prof. Gust at the Max-Planck-Institut für Metallforschung and Institut für Metallkunde of the University of Stuttgart, firstly as a Postdoctoral Humboldt Fellow and then as a University Assistant. In 1997 he joined the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at the Technion. He was also a visiting scientist at the University of Western Australia in Perth, the University of Aix-Marseille III in Marseille (France), Tohoku University in Sendai (Japan), Princeton University (USA), and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany). In 1994 he was awarded the Otto-Hahn-Medal of the Max-Planck Society for his pioneering work on grain boundary phase diagrams, and in 1999 he was selected as a Federation of European Materials Research Societies (FEMS) Lecturer. In 2004, Prof. Rabkin was honored by the Science Prize of the German Technion Society.


Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

3200003 Haifa, ISRAEL

Tel: +972-4-8294579



Dr. Leonid Klinger

Dr. Klinger has earned his Ph.D. in the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. He is an expert in materials thermodynamics and diffusion in solid state. He has co-authored more than 140 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Anuj Bisht

Dr. Bisht holds a Ph.D. degree from the Indian Institute of Science (2018).  Before joining the group he was a post-doctoral fellow in Loughborough University (UK). 

Aliya Sharipova

Dr. Aliya Sharipova

Dr. Aliya Sharipova holds a Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science, Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

Srijan, a post-doc

Dr. Srijan Acharya

Dr. Acharya has earned his Ph.D. degree from the Indian Institute of Science (2019). 

Ehud Almog

Ehud Almog, Ph.D. student

Mor Levi

Mor Levi, Ph.D. student

Mr. Zimmerman

Jonathan Zimmerman, Ph.D. student

Ms. Tatyana Fedyaev

Ms. Tatyana Fedyaev, researcher


Zhao Liang, M.Sc. student


Chen Errera, M.Sc. student