Alumni and former members

Group photo 2017

This is our group in the year 2017. Most people here have graduated. From left to right: Hagit Barda, me, Leonid Klinger, Amit Sharma, Nimrod Gazit, Ehud Almog, Anna Kosinova. Haifa Bay is in the background.

Amit Sharma

Dr. Amit Sharma – currently a researcher at the EMPA Thun, Switzerland

Rotem Strassberg

Dr. Nimrod Gazit

Dr. Oleg Kovalenko

Orit Even-Zur

Dr. Dor Amram

Rimma Lapovok

Prof. Rimma Lapovok from Deakin University, Australia. Rimma has spent two fruitful years in our group in the framework of prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship.

The results of Rimma’s work are summarized in two open-access publications:

R. Lapovok, M. Dubrovsky, A. Kosinova, G. Raab, Effect of Severe Plastic Deformation on the Conductivity and Strength of Copper-Clad Aluminium Conductors, Metals, Special Issue Severe Plastic Deformation and Thermomechanical Processing: Nanostructuring and Properties, 9:9 (2019), article No: 960

R. Lapovok, V.V. Popov Jr., Y. Qi, A. Kosinova, A. Berner, C. Xu, E. Rabkin, R. Kulagin, J. Ivanisenko, B. Baretzky, O.V. Prokof’eva, A.N. Sapronov, D.V. Prilepo, Y. Beygelzimer, Architectured Hybrid conductors: Aluminium with embedded copper helix, Materials & Design, vol. 187 (2020), article No. 108398 (1-17)

Dr. Anna Kosinova

Yuanshen Qi

Dr. Yuanshen Qi

Dr. Qi is currently an Assistant Professor at the Guangdong-Technion Israel Institute of Technology


Dr. Michael Beregovsky