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Welcome to Ms. Tatyana Fedyaev!

Ms. Tatyana Fedyaev has joined the group in February 2021. She is a new immigrant from Saint Petersburg, Russia, and a graduate of the Russian Maritime Technical University.  She will work on nanomechanics of porous gold nanoparticles. We wish her a lot of success!

New article in Nano Select

A new article in the open-access journal Nano Select resulting from our collaboration with the colleagues at the Aix-Marseille University and European Synchrotron Research Facility in France has been just published! We correlated the dislocation density in single crystalline Au nanoparticle with the indentation load during in-situ indentation of the particle under the X-ray beam. The dislocations density was determined from the shape of (222) Laue microdiffraction spot, while the indentation load was determined from the bending of Si cantilever determined in-situ from the movement of Si Laue diffraction spots.

Congratulations to Ehud with his first Acta Materialia publication!

The article entitled “Thermal stability of thin Au films deposited on salt whiskers” has been just published in Acta materialia. Ehud was the main driving force behind this beautiful work. He developed a method of growing thin and long single crystalline KCl whiskers, and  coated them with gold film. The solid state dewetting of these core-shell whiskers has always started at the whisker edges – and now we know why! This is an important contribution to the understanding of thermal stability of thin metal films with complex three-dimensional architecture.